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Vessel Recovery Information

The Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis aftermath: Boats washed ashore, beached, sunk, pushed into houses, destroyed…  even after a catastrophe like this it is the responsibility of each boat owner to remove his vessel from wherever wind and waves carried it… we can help with the recovery.

Depending on location, condition of the vessel, type and size of the vessel and any eventual unforeseen factors - equipment and crew vary.

43 ft. TIARA- struck by lighting... fire extinguished by fire department



Recovery by Crane, Barge, Tug-boat - 38 ft. Sailing Vessel "Discovery"


This 38 foot vessel had to be recovered by a crane on a barge - we like to thank the owners of the property for their cooperation.


 Recovery by Diver with underwater lifting equipment - 22ft. Catalina Sailboat

Our diver, underwater lift-bags, pump and towboat brought this vessel back from the bottom of the bayou.


Recovery by Land-Crane -32ft. Silverton and 44ft. Victory Catamaran, Liza Jackson Park, FWB

Back to the water! Other then sitting on dry land, these boats remained mostly undamaged.


Some jobs require special means - "Foolish Pleasure" was sitting stem up, bow down on dock

It was impossible to get a crane to this boat. A davit had to be installed, the boat was hoisted up, the dock had to be temporarily removed. After the boat was afloat again we also repaired the  dock. The dock is in it’s original condition and the boat did not sustain damages.